Health, Wellness & Optimization
Through East Asian Medicine

East Asian Medicine is the only health care system in the world that combines treatment of the body, mind and emotion to treat not only chronic illness and injury but also acute care necessities as well as preventive care. This approach allows clients to not only feel better, but make long lasting changes in their mind, emotion and body. Not only do clients find relief from their pain or sickness but also find a true path to Health, Wellness and Optimization. Each treatment is dedicated to moving your body toward a better state of health. Treatments are individually tailored to your needs on that specific day while maintaining your progress toward your health and wellness goals.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

This is a big topic that takes practitioners years of education in chinese phylosophy, medicine, language, anatomy and logical analysis of the relationships of various systems.

Our "Articles & Information" section offers many articles that go into great depth on the topic. We will offer you a shorter rendition here.

We start with asking why you have come into the office. After a short discussion of the reason, your practitioner will evaluate areas and systems that may not seem related to your reason for coming in. This is because you are not one broken part but a series of relationships between all your parts and systems. One small degree of change in a system will inevitably effect the entire system.

After evaluationg your complaints and organizing your symptoms into patterns of characteristics the practitioner will then proceed with treatment. By using different tools such as needles, massage devices, heating and cooling elements the practitioner will work to leverage your condition back to proper health. Methods from each of the 4 pillars of East Asian Medicine may be selected depending on their ability to correct different metabolic processess. Each patient and condition is different and the needed duration of treatment is unique to each situation.

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