Health, Wellness & Optimization
Through East Asian Medicine

East Asian Medicine is the only health care system in the world that combines treatment of the body, mind and emotion to treat not only chronic illness and injury but also acute care necessities as well as preventive care. This approach allows clients to not only feel better, but make long lasting changes in their mind, emotion and body. Not only do clients find relief from their pain or sickness but also find a true path to Health, Wellness and Optimization. Each treatment is dedicated to moving your body toward a better state of health. Treatments are individually tailored to your needs on that specific day while maintaining your progress toward your health and wellness goals.

How does Acupuncture Feel?

Acupuncture is not a sensation-less experience. We live in a universe governed by the law of cause and effect. This holds true for acupuncture and explains how and why acupuncture works. The needle is a tool used by the practitioner to leverage the patients physiological systems by directly stimulating their processes. In simple words the needle is the cause and the improvement of your health is the effect.

Now after all of that, lets comfort you. Acupuncture is rarely painful and often patients fall asleep during the treatments. Snoring often disrupts the patients in adjoining rooms but some things can't be prevented. The sensation instilled by manipulation of the needle is adjustable and varies for each person, each condition, each practitioner and in combination varies the results of treatment.

There are numerous styles of acupuncture, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, etc. Each is an individual medical system with different characteristics and effectiveness. The great assortment of different techniques allows me to offer a wide array of treatment methods, individually chosen for the client to best suit their needs.

If you would like more information, please contact us directly and we will answer your questions the best that we can.