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East Asian Medicine is the only health care system in the world that combines treatment of the body, mind and emotion to treat not only chronic illness and injury but also acute care necessities as well as preventive care. This approach allows clients to not only feel better, but make long lasting changes in their mind, emotion and body. Not only do clients find relief from their pain or sickness but also find a true path to Health, Wellness and Optimization. Each treatment is dedicated to moving your body toward a better state of health. Treatments are individually tailored to your needs on that specific day while maintaining your progress toward your health and wellness goals.


April 5th, 2013

I started to suffer from planters fasciitis in July of last year. I could barely walk!! I went to the podiatrist and the doctor recommended that I get an orthotic for my foot. Although I wore my orthotic, it did not relieve the pain in my foot. That's when I decided to go for acupunture treatments with Ryder. Within 2 weeks the pain was much more bearable!! Fours weeks later the pain was gone!!

Thank you for all that you've done!!

Carmela Abella, HSR, RESA-PRO, SWBEC, MWBE

Real Estate Staging - Decorator - Certified Color Specialist - Space Planning

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April 4th, 2013:

When I Met Ryder I was a non believer in the art of acupuncture but after meeting and speaking with Ryder I was a believer in him. That was a little over 2 years ago and I have been seeing Ryder several times a month ever since. He has helped me with more I can mention here but what I can say is go to see him ONE time and you will be a believer too. Thank you Ryder for all you do.I don't know any one else I would let stick needles in me. ;)

Ken San Pedro

The Carpet Cleaning Guy

April 4th 2013:

Ryder exceeded my expectations. I was having wrist and hand problems from using a computer to much. His treatment not only relieved my pain immediately, but the pain has not returned. It has been 2 month since then and I still have no pain! I highly recommend his services.

Carrie Malkmes

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