Qi Gong


Qi Gong is defined as Metabolic Self Regulation, literally is translated as metabolic work. The concept of Qi is foreign for many western minded people. We often describe Qi as the sum of your mind, body and breath. Your mind deals in the intangible realm of thought and emotion while the body deals in the material trials of daily existence. Our breath is the unifying factor between both the mind and the body. Often this is seen as sudden changes of emotion causing an alteration in breathing patterns, or as changes in physical exertion causing breathing to change. Through many years of documented research, Qi Gong practitioners have developed systems that precisely alter the relationships between the mind, body and breathe to cause a predictable change in its way of operation, or state of health. Qi gong practices can been as simple as a quite walk, a game of chess, or a simple deep breath. More sophisticated systems may take over an hour to perform, years to learn and a life time to understand. Depending on the necessity of the patient, a practitioner may instruct you on what methods would be best prescribed for your needs

"Meditation, yoga and spiritual practices have always been a part of my life. I feel everyone should take some time each day and focus on themselves and integrating into the environment. I have had the pleasure of having both private instruction as well as medical treatment using Qi Gong with fantastic results. Qi Gong is and ancient system that blends movements/postures, breathing/sounds, and visualization/imagination in specific formats that unlock the potential of humanity. Never have I ever felt more balanced and at peace, within my own body as well as in the universe. I don’t intend on stopping my meditation, yoga and spiritual practices, but I plan on making Qi Gong a more substantial part of my life." - G.S. – Teacher – 5 Star!


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