Tui Na Therapy

Tui Na

Tui Na (tway nah) is Chinese Massage or acupressure. Using the same meridians and points as acupuncture the soft tissues of the body are addressed by manual therapy. Pressure is applied directly to points, along lines or across joints to change, relax and stretch muscles and connective tissue. Tui Na is world reknown for its effectiveness and simplicity. If you would like to know how Tui Na is applicable to your specific needs please send us an email so we can discuss it with you.

"I love going for massages and I love feeling relaxed after a massage. But more often than not when I see my Massage Therapist for an injury or ache in my neck they seem to spend more time rubbing my feet and hands than the area that bothers me. Once I found about Tui Na, a Chinese form of massage, like acupressure I figured I would give it a try. Not only was it AMAZINGLY EFFECTIVE but it took less time and was more focused on what I knew my need were! I will continue to go for my relaxing massages but when it comes to getting to the root of my injuries and fixing the problem… I am going right to Point of Life Acupuncture for Tui Na! Love you guys!"

W.W. – Athlete – 5 Star!


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