Herbal Remedies


Herbal Medicine has been around as long as people have been eating food. We see food and medicine as the same. Both are chemicals being ingested to change the state of health within the body. Many foods and plants are good to eat and some are even able to cause such a drastic change they have been used as medicines for thousands of years. Under the guidance of a properly trained herbalist ingredients are combined to create custom formulations specific for the individual and condition being treated.


"I was so tired of taking medications, it seemed like every time I went to the doctor with a complaint I was given another prescription. Every prescription I received seemed to send me back to the doctor with another problem, which of course was ‘solved’ with another prescription. Having had enough, I spoke to my practitioner about my desire to stop my medications. I was surprised when they told me not to stop, but to continue my current routine, until I could speak with my doctor who they wanted to supervise the adjustments of prescription and OTC medications I was taking. I can’t say it was a quick process, and why should it be, it took me years of ‘bad practice’ to ‘perfect’ this routine of poor health. I can say that now I am off all but a few of my medications, and even they are at much lower dosages and I feel MUCH better. Making the choice to leave the world of prescriptions and enter the world of herbs and supplements with a knowledgeable guide was the best thing I could have done! Thank you for your guidance and patience – I owe you more than I can put into words!"

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